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Re: Those with LEGIT Voyager DVDs, please help

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
My friends came back from India with a mass of pirated dvds, so I sat down to watch season one of Ugly Betty and half the time during the end credits their was a TV announcer telling you about the weather or what was on next.

They weren't even trying.

But it was sold for a dollar bought from a carboot, it's not like they had to try.
I refuse to buy DVDs in Asia (or on the street for that matter) due to a very deeply engrained revulsion at supporting organized crime. That includes refusing to watch them when friends turn up with them.

I once had the wonderful opportunity to deliver a statement at a conference on organized crime in Central Asia, into which I was able to include a reference to a number of conference delegates I'd watched buy pirated DVDs and CDs at the Osh market in Tashkent.

The fight against organized crime, I said then, begins in this room. I still hold to that. I paid full buck for my Voyager DVDs on amazon. The people who made it and the artists who worked on it deserve to get paid.
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