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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

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Is Tricia voicing the cylon at the end a continuity error? I though that the 6 model was designed by the final five, after the war.
I think it was more of a tribute than a continuity error, same as with using the piano bars of NuBSG's teaser music and the question "Are you alive?"

Anyway, I actually really enjoyed B&C and if it had gone to series, feel it could have really been used to clean up a lot of the messiness of NuBSG's retcons and convoluted backstory. I would have liked if it was as much about the Cylons as the colonials (but showing mostly war action as was the basic idea).

The could have had an ongoing subplot delving into just how the Cylons rebelled, the connection there with Caprica. The end of the series could have possibly gone a little bit past the end of the war, showing where the Cylons went when given their own homeworld, and the arrival of the Final Five.

One of the aspects of NuBSG's retconned backstory that never made much sense to me involved the Final Five making the Significant Seven. So they show up, bring some kind of spiritual salve to the Colonial-created Cylons, and then convince those Cylons to turn most of their race into slaves (the Centurions / non-humanoid AIs) and make themselves mostly a bunch of clones of only 7 different faces / personalities. It was all probably just a buncha crap made up on the spur of the moment to justify what how the Final Five fit into everything.

But it still would have been nice to see it play out first hand, and perhaps come up with a better way of presenting it and telling the story.
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