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Re: Starfleet non-coms

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What I could see though is something like a Starfleet version of ROTC at universities across the Federation.
You'd think so, but the general implication is that all officers are graduates of Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco. Seriously, there was a thread a while back where we went through the characters we know the training background of, and an overwhemingly high percentage are confirmed as graduates of the Academy.

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Rom isn't in Starfleet or a Federation citizen. He doesn't even live in Federation space.
I think what Drago-Kazov is referring to is the DS9 episode The Assignment in which Rom is transferred to the station's engineering swing shift. The Starfleet officers among this shift don't share his enthusiam for the job.
That is the one.
Looking at that scene, I'd say the swing shift team that Rom joined, while not overly enthusiastic like like Rom, weren't apathetic either. They seemed like professionals who know their jobs having a start of shift meeting.
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