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More 1st quarter catalog pictures. Batteries will be the gimmick item next year

The GabRecalibur is compatible with JudenChi 15, Allomerus. The battery can used to activate the special attack, “Bamora”. While GabRevolver is compatible with JudenChi 1, 14 and 15, Gabutyra, Stymero and Allomerus. It can be used as a machine gun and shoot at rapid fire, or as a shotgun that shoots powerful blasts

It also has the special attack, Bamora, just like the GabRecalibur. But it also has a stronger attack called “Bamora Much“. The GabRevolver is also used as their transformation device.

The Batteries are not only used for their mecha, but they also use it in order to transform with Samba Rhythm into Kyoryuger! Kyoryuger will feature 5 strong heroes and the show will be enjoyable, cheerful and very funny!

By simply inserting a battery into the GabRevolver, they Kyoryu Change into the Kyoryuger. The Kyoryuger’s use two weapons called GabRevolver and GabriCalibur. With these weapon, the Kyoryugers can use a special attack with Samba Rhythm!
The main robo is made up of 3 dinos. The other two dinos will act as attachments.

There might be a 6th dino that combines the extra two dinos



Auxiliary mecha -Ankidon

Core dinos are named Gabutyra (Red), Stegotchi (Blue) and Dricera (Pink).

No yellow ranger in the first time in 27 years

Green's dino is a Velociraptor

Blacks is Parasagan

The morpher/changer is a gun next year.
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