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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Glad to see Tyrese and company join the show in this latest episode. Really liked his brief interaction with Carl and the way he treated him as worthy of respect. Really tired of the "black man in, black man out" though with Oscar getting not a single line and going down like a chump. He was a decent minor character and it was annoying seeing him redshirted like that. I couldn't tell, did we get any hint that Sasha and Ben have a thing?

I give up on Andrea. I'm with Michonne here in her non-speaking assessment. At this point I don't know that I want her to survive what I assume will be a final battle between the prison group and Woodbury. She was one of my favorites in the comics, and was becoming a solid character at the end of last season, but I'm just done. Which will pretty much cut out half of what I have to say about the show.

Interesting how they've given Merle a potential way to join Rick's crew via Daryl, I wasn't expecting that. Will be interesting to see how they survive the arena and how the inevitable showdown with Maggie and Glen goes. More important, how's Daryl gonna deal with all this? The character's popularity probably gives him Rick- or Carl-level plot immunity.

Where are things gonna go with Axel? Is he gonna make a violent move on Beth and have Carl stop him dead? Try and kindle something with Carol because he's actually a fairly decent if awkward guy? The former is more likely for this show; I'd rather see the latter. And I'd like to see Beth start taking more initiative and having more of a role in the action if we're actually gonna see more of something between her and Carl. Creepy for the age difference? Yeah, but that was the World That Was - and at the least he'll be older soon. What I don't want to see is her having a crush on Rick (hence the kiss-on-cheek in the preview) and Carl being all mopey about it. Ugh, no thanks. More of a father-daughter relationship.

The Governor is fucked in the head, but hey I knew that. Great fight between him and Michonne; they vastly toned down the extremes of what happened to both him and Michonne compared to the comics though (or Maggie as the case would have been), but I'm fine with that.

Bring on Part Two of the season! Just... can we go a little while without any Disposable Black Men?

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Dale's fixation on Andrea was generally pretty creepy and posessive. Do not miss him at all.
To be fair, a big part of that was how they decided to change Andrea's character entirely and keep his the same (if more whiny and not at all dangerous [seriously, not a single kill?]) for the show. So instead of this old widower who's been traveling around with two college-age girls that really care about him and kind of adopted him after he saved them, to the point that after the younger girl dies horribly the remainder mutually fall in love with each other to form a bedrock part of the storyline for a looong time, we have... well, the TV version.
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