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Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7

Thanks, Wingsley...

This project took the turn it did quite unintentionally. I had planned to do both Fed ships in TMP style - white hull, with pearlescent effects, TMP lettering, etc. The decal maker I wanted to go with was overwhelmed, and, being impatient, I just wanted the darned thing done. So, I grabbed my JTDecals kitbasher sheet, and figured out which ones were suitable. I reasoned the high number as the initial test article for the upgraded Constitution class.

I had actually painted my 1:350 refit in gray as well, but am totally unimpressed with it. I plan to strip, re-prime, and return to white.

I have an AMT 18 incher that I also am unhappy with, so I plan to strip it, re-prime it, and go white on it, with the goal to create the USS Republic NCC-1371 as it may have appeared when active as a training ship, per Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume 1.

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