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Re: Starfleet non-coms

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but the general implication is that all officers are graduates of Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco.
That isn't the impression I got from TOS, only a few mentioned attending the academy. Kirk, Mitchell, and Merik (sp?). The other officers might have gotten their commissions through something like OTS, ROTC, etc.. There are a few pieces of dialog suggesting that Spock didn't attend the academy, same with McCoy.

And one episode suggests that Uhura might have been a mustang, she was enlisted prior to being an officer.

Well, in The Ultimate Computer when Commodore Wesley calls Kirk Captain Dunsel, everyone on the bridge gets it except McCoy. He then gets the explanation from Spock who explains it as an Academy term, making it clear that Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Chekov attended the Academy. . .
We're repeatedly told Starfleet are the best of the best. R.M. Merik, who washed out, apparently got a civilian job on S.S. Beagle. Or was the Beagle under a different military branch? There must be a large merchant marine fleet (that Starfleet could draw from), and a number of private personal craft. Should we be seeing more traffic during orbital scenes at Federation worlds?
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