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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

In post # 35 I mentioned an "oddity" which doesn't have to be one if this wall has two yellow cabinets on two sides, which I think is what we're looking at.

However, I discovered another one from "The Ultimate Computer".

Behind Kirk we'd expect to see a part of the "cathedral" and the wall (or one of these large GNDN props), but instead we see this:

Obviously a strange choice of the DP to create some background which isn't there and rather similar to the strange engine room shooting angles in "Day of the Dove".

I don't know if this might be helpful but here's a link to a website of a gentleman who tried to accurately reproduce the bridge monitors:

Could this monitor screen be a diagram of the warp engines and reactors?

Would be interesting to see if it were possible to give those screens a practical meaning.

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