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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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So I've been reading the book since it arrived. Its not bad, but there are several things about it that bug me:

For starters was Cochrane supposed to be 30 in First Contact ?
That's a function of Cochrane's first appearance in TOS, where his birth in the 2130s was established. So, yeah, we just have to squint a bit and accept that he's somewhere in his 30s during ST:FC. (Must have been all that hard drinking!)
Yes, it was a tough decision deciding on how old Cochrane was in First Contact - certainly James Cromwell couldn't easily be seen as 30, but I felt Metamorphosis (and the Okuda's chronology) had established his year of birth, and since First Contact did nothing to contradict this in dialogue (except in casting an actor clearly not 30) I decided to defer to Mike and Denise's calculation based on Metamorphosis.
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