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Re: WTF: The first Eugenics Wars e-book is $24.03

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When Bob Orci tells the world he's reading a Trek novel while writing a Trek film, it becomes an instant collector's item
I can live with that.
Well, I realize it's nice to have the demand/prices go up for something you created, but it would be nice if your fans could actually afford to buy it, I should think.

I enjoy your books greatly - they're among the Trek novels I've reread more than once - but no offense intended, I wouldn't pay that much for any version.
No offense taken. I was just joking about the idea of the book being in demand again after all these years.

And, indeed, one wants one's books to be read. I always smile when I see one of my old books disappear briefly from the shelves of my local library . . . or get a fan letter regarding some old novel I wrote a zillion years ago. It's nice to know the old books are still floating around out there, finding new readers.
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