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That's the problem - I don't think they HAD main story focus. They apparently hadn't nailed down the motivations and backstory for the Reapers by the time ME3's script was started, because they toyed around with Drew Karpshyn's nonsensical dark energy plot, then cobbled together the basics of the "machines kill organics to keep them from being killed by machines" ends we got. Hell, Mass Effect 2 and 3 are at their most coherent when the Reapers aren't really the main focus of the story.
I think they had enough with Karpyshyn's basic outline to at least have made that a sensical plot. I don't disagree that the ultimate reason for the Reapers existing was badly flawed and it's the reason there was so much irritation at the ending of the game. That said, it was still a phenomenal game on a lot of different levels. The Quarian/Geth wrap-up was satisfying, the Tuchanka plot was satisfying, almost every character arc wrapped up satisfactorily... it was just the complete bed shitting finale that tainted the rest of the game. I always say that ME3 was a 10/10 until the ending.
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