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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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So after actually reading most of this thread after several days I see absolutely nothing to change my mind from what I already posted.

Some things I still shake my head over...comments that the 1 minute trailer has no shots of space??? Well the movie is 2 hrs long (120 min or so in case you weren't counting) and the teaser shows at least two alien planets...

Doesn't feel like Star Trek? We've had 10 movies before the JJ series, and they switched tone several times, from STTMP to Wrath of Khan, from the old crew to new. STIV was totally different from II and III, Insurrection was totally different from STFC. Many people feel the movies felt nothing like the original series they came from at all!

We have to take into account that Paramount wants these movies to be successful, and that has a lot to do with money... the trek series made well over a $1 billion, but they want more movies to make half a billion on their own like ST09 did (between BO grosses and home release). They need to have elements for the longtime fan, but also make the casual fans happy who are used to a certain level of blockbuster. By most accounts, professional and fans, ST09 did just THAT!

I'll re-iterate the ST ongoing comic book continuity because it seems as if it would be exceedingly easy to write it's back story in a flashback or in the teaser without ever mentioning it came from a comic book!!

"Star Trek is Star Wars" much starship combat did we have in ST09? Maybe 10 minutes total? Possibly less than STII the Wrath of Khan. Star Trek continues show a professional Starfleet crew using scientific methods to challenge the unknown, not some bogus Zen nonsense that appeals to history and golden ages.

The SFX...less elabroate and pervasive, but the ST09 FX looked a whole lot better than the three SW prequels. Even the current teaser has better volcanic FX in my opinion...however, just because a movie has a volcano and lava in it doesn't mean it's Revenge of the Sith...

Good post.
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