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Re: TNG Caption This! 294: Say hello to Season 2!

Picard: Sensors. Report.
Wesley: Um, it's a Miranda class Federation ship? They used to be in heavy deployment for the better part of a century in Starfleet?
Picard: Yes, well...yellow alert.
Worf: We should attack!
Troi: I'm sensing some confusion.
Riker: I'll straighten you out, Counselor Toi, I mean Troi.
Wesley: Four Miranda class configurations were employed by Starfleet. Some included a superstructure that utlized a dorsal extension of the ventral nacelle pylons. Other classes such as this one were refit sans superstructure but feature two pods affixed in port and starboard antipode on the primary hull, thus, and thus.
Data: Enough!
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