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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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Hopefully the Thing will be done with mocap and CGI this time.
I disagree. The Thing makeup was the most effective thing about the previous movies. Sure, it didn't match the absurdly oversized version of the character in the comics today, but it looked great, like an Alex Ross painting from Marvels brought to life. I'll grant that performance capture has gotten to the point where it can be reasonably convincing, but there's no reason to use it when a real live human being can still play the part just as well. If they want to make him bigger, they can digitally alter his size in post-production as they did with Chris Evans's torso in Captain America.

And hopefully the writing will actually be better, of course.
Can't disagree there. And cast Sue Storm based on the actress's talent and screen presence, not just how good she looks in her underwear.

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reboots are getting faster and faster. Can't we wait a decent amount of time to let the last one cool off at least?
20th Century Fox can't wait past a certain length of time, or they'll lose their license back to Marvel. Those are the terms of their contract. Licenses like that are usually a use-it-or-lose-it proposition.

Some people think it would be good if Marvel got the rights to all their characters back, and I used to think that as well, but it's been pointed out that if only one studio had all the Marvel superhero rights, it wouldn't be able to make as many movies per year as could 2-3 studios with the rights split among them. So I'm fine with Fox putting this movie into production so they can keep the rights. I don't see a problem with the short interval. Heck, the previous two movies weren't very good; why should their mere existence prevent the studio from trying to do a better version? In what way is that not "decent?"

As for the source of their powers, I'm surprised that so many commenters here would expect them to use the old cosmic-ray origin. Previous Marvel movies have updated the characters' origins -- Hulk was created by a supersoldier formula (or nanotech in the Ang Lee version), Spidey was created by genetically engineered spiders rather than irradiated ones, etc. The previous FF movies replaced the "cosmic rays" with some sort of exotic space storm. I'm sure the new version will find its own way of updating the technobabble.
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