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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

When TNG was being released on DVD, I never got past the first season. Not because I thought it was bad, but something was lacking. Hence going into season two on BluRay yields some excitement for me because I have yet to see every episode of TNG.

With Disc 1 almost done, I found my first unwatched episode of TNG, 'Loud as a Whisper'. For an episode that I've never heard mentioned or talked about, I got to admit I was very pleased with what I watched, especially compared to early TNG standards. Unlike a majority of the shows I've watched on BluRay so far, LAAW wasn't offensive, dumb pompous or preachy. I liked how it actually gave the spot light to the non-human characters and didn't try to throw the godly being Wesley into the mix to fix things. I was also impressed how the episode didn't push the relationship angle between Troi and Riva to the point where it became a full fledged romance. I had my worries when he was insistent on her company, but I thought the two of them had a good chemistry. And that last scene with Picard complementing Troi on her duty made my week. I was like wow, not only does Troi become a character capable of making a good difference, her deeds are recognized and appreciated.

Sorry. Didn't want to wait till next year to say that in the continuing "Episode a Week" posts. As for you Maurice Hurley? "An okay episode." I'll see you in Shades of Grey.
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