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Re: How many reset buttons?

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Vorrik was in 9 episodes. Carey was in 7.

DS9 had a litany of supporting characters who did 30 to 40 episodes.
To put this in perspective, DS9 had fourteen recurring characters who appeared in more than ten episodes. VOY had three characters to appear in more than ten episodes.

VOY had zero recurrning character who appeared in more than twenty episodes; DS9 had seven.

Star Trek: Voyager was simply not committed to developing a recurring character base.

I've seen this blamed on the size of the show's cast, but this seems a stretch. VOY had 9 regulars at a time; DS9 began with 8 regulars, but with the addition of Michael Dorn in season four that number grew to 9.

it's hard to have a lot of recurring characters that aren't a part of the crew when they're supposed to be almost constantly on the move, though. When they TRIED to have recurring villain characters with Seska and Maj Culluh there were complaints about how the Kazon were still around when Voyager was supposed to have been on the move for so long.
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