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I thought the climax of having the Rangers unmorph in the Megazord cockpit and sacrifice Zords one by one to get to the final strike was fairly novel. Otherwise, it was rather disappointing -- just "keep hitting the bad guy harder until he falls," relying on brute force and determination to win rather than cleverness or compassion or something. I was expecting that they'd defeat Xandred by connecting to the fragment of Dayu's human side that was within him and somehow empower her so that her humanity would destroy Xandred from the inside. Instead, we just got a larger than usual but otherwise by-the-numbers fight sequence. (And why were they so surprised when he came back to life in giant form? When has that not happened?)

Not to mention that at the end of part 1, Xandred said he was going to capture Lauren and use her as a hostage to force the Rangers to submit. That was even included in the recap here. But it was completely ignored. Xandred and his goons just seemed to be out for an afternoon stroll when the Rangers confronted him. And Lauren, the World's Blondest Alleged Samurai, didn't really do anything but give Jayden an "ultimate weapon" that he used up before the ultimate battle. So she was more or less irrelevant here.

It was nice to see Jason Narvy return as Skull and have a reunion with Bulk, but their scene was far too isolated, having no connection to the rest of the story. I was hoping we'd get to see Bulk & Spike reach the culmination of their journey and actually play a role helping to get civilians to safety in the climactic battle. I wanted to see them really step up and accomplish something heroic. (Their attempt to gum up the crack in the world a few weeks ago didn't really count, since it was the Rangers who stopped it and B&S only thought they'd done it.) Instead, we just get an isolated comedy scene. It highlights the problem with the whole Bulk/Spike character arc this season -- and with the approach of adapting the Sentai scripts too exactly. B&S had to be tacked onto a story they had no place in, and they rarely connected to it in any real way.

I hope the next season improves on some of the writing weaknesses of this one, and isn't so slavish to the Sentai.
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