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Re: How many reset buttons?

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And what are the TNG stats for this?
In the beginning TNG was made by a lot of the same Blokes who worked on the original Star Trek. They were working off the same models as 1950s cop shows. TNG's stats are going to be worse than Voyagers .. Although looking at their imdb listing, it seems that several of the extras were given "names" and then hung around for another 50 episodes.

DS9 was innovative like a soap opera, an then for their finale? And ongoing continuous 12 part episode?


Voyager gets praise for Tom being mean to Chuckles for three episodes to sneak onto Seskas ship for 3 minutes before he breaks cover and...

12 parts with so many, many, many, interlocking moving pieces.

Voyager meanwhile given the opportunity to raise the bar instead took two steps back and could barely competently hold together a two parter.

Continuity wise episode to episode, Enterprise wasn't that bad in season one. They were always talking about how many light years they were from earth and subtly boosting the number each week. Season four was a wet dream. nothing but 3 and 4 parters that sorted connected up with everything.

But since you asked...

14 recurring actors in TNG (not counting Majel, Wheaton or Crosby) appeared in more than ten episodes...

and they had 10 characters in TNG(not counting Majel, Wheaton, and Crosby) who appeared in more than 20 episodes.
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