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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Yeah, it was "B" mis-memory on my part on by studying the scene in slow-mo. Here's the breakdown on a re-watch.

When Data starts his talking with the computer it offers:

Ken Ross
David Grant
Ryan Adams
Stano Riga.

When Data asks for the "funniest" the computer says Stano Riga specialized in jokes about quantum mathematics in the 23rd century. Data dismisses that as too esoteric and continues searching.

The computer offers:

Phil Bishop
Craig Weiss
Mike Gray
John Mason
Tracy Torme
Scott Rubenstein
Dan Curry
Wendy Neuss
David Livingston
Davide Takemura
Douglas E. Graves
Sam Freedle
Steve Weiner
Doug Drexler
Jim Hardy
Merri Howard
Jayme Wing
Addele Simmons
Wendy Ruiz
Monty DeGraff
Daryl Baskin
Jon Koslowosky
Gary Hotzel
Ronald B. Moore

Data selects "Ronald B. Moore" as the comic to guide him in "humor." Joe Piscopo played "comedian" Ronald B. Moore.
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