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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Interesting visuals with the void, you could definitely see every bit of the CG textures for better and worse. When the droids first emerged from the downed ship it looked damned near real though!
I read that the episode's look was inspired by the art of the late Jean "Moebius" Giraud, but... what look? There was nothing much to see except a featureless salt flat. Maybe the comets at the beginning, the birds, and the town at the end, but I didn't see anything I recognized as particularly Moebius-esque (though I'd forgotten about the influence until after I saw the episode, so I wasn't really looking).

I'm still not enjoying the characters in this sequence. Didn't we see Col. Gaskon and WAC go through this exact same arc last week, the colonel starting out contemptuous of droids and learning to respect WAC? It wasn't very interesting the first time either.

And help me out here with the SW-verse hyperspace physics. Since when did a ship have to drop out of hyperspace because of an obstacle in their path in normal space? Isn't the whole point of hyperspace that you bypass such obstructions completely? I know from canonical dialogue that you have to worry about coming out of hyperspace inside a star or planet, but I figured it was only a problem if you came out -- that if you stayed in hyperspace, you could just pass "through" any such obstruction. So the setup for the episode made no sense to me.
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