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It's hard to get photos of this one as she moves around a lot.. this is Teacake who I inherited from a relative that went overseas for a year. I knew she was quite feral and I was worried about my boy cats beating her up as they are the alpha males of the neighborhood (this street is full of cats). But she was named after me so how could I refuse her? Also she was not a very nice animal and there really was no where for her to go. But in the year or so I've had her she has become quite friendly (only on her terms). She is a shoulder cat and will leap onto people's shoulders and ride around the house like that. She is 1/3 the size of the boys but she has put them in their place and viciously attacks them if they show her any attitude.

She is SO HAPPY to be allowed outside, she only had a balcony before. She just loves it.


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