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Re: OK, How Does Starfleet Academy Work Exactly?

The Wormhole wrote: View Post

Nog wasn't a Federation citizen and he got in. However, I think non-Federation citizens need a recommendation from a Starfleet command officer, which Nog got from Sisko.
I bet whoever gave Ro her recommendation, regretted it later...especially after the disaster at Garon II.

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
Bones is a good example. He went to Ol' Miss and then went on to medical school. If he were to join the modern navy, all he'd have to do is enroll in OCS. But instead he went to the Academy.
Maybe that was OCS that McCoy took part in (during ST XI). We don't know that he and Kirk were at the Academy for the same amount of time. They left on the same shuttle, and we saw them take the Kobayashi Maru test together, but that's it, really. McCoy could have been there for a much shorter time than Kirk was.

And who knows - maybe the only reason McCoy was present during the test in the first place was that he's a friend of Kirk's. Kirk could have asked to have him there. It could be Starfleet policy to have a cadet be able to choose those who'll be manning the other stations during the test. Could be that if not for Kirk, McCoy would have never been there. It's not like he's a command officer, anyway.
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