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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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So I've been reading the book since it arrived. Its not bad, but there are several things about it that bug me:

For starters was Cochrane supposed to be 30 in First Contact ?

The Earth/American centric nature of the storytelling is starting to bug me a bit. Written Trek is usually much more diverse than this.
Yes. I beleieve the Chronology and/or Encyclopedia also alluded to radiation poisoning from WWIII contributed to his appearance. So when the companion restored his youth, it gives you an idea of whta he may have been like if he was raised in a better time. Not a bad explanation in the grand scheme of Trek retcon.

As far as the Earth-centric viewpoint; I agree. But I will also accept that Humanity was the prime mover of the events leading to the formation of the Federation, and was the pioneer of it's Starfleet. Perhaps a second volume will reflect the increasing solidification of the union, as it better integrates into the lives of the member planet's citizens. I always got the impression that the Federation of the TNG era was a much stronger organization than the TOS days.

Still, I wonder how the Tellerites would feel being referred to as a "pig-like" humanoid race. They may just take it in stride, or even as a badge of honor!
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