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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Got my set today, watched Q Who already and I'll jump in with some more tonight but that episode is probably the VFX heaviest of the season so I wanted to see it first and I found the results to be a mixed bag if I'm honest.

The live action footage looks exceptionally good in both definition and colour up until the point an FX element is added to a scene then its noticeably blurry. I wanted to reserve final judgement on the exterior shots until I actually saw them in motion, they really are not up to scratch with what we've seen before. The ship looks washed out and overlit, but we already knew this from the shots we've been seeing for months so its something I can live with.

Certain issues however really cannot be explained away i.e. These shots in Q Who I rolled my eyes at, they look POOR especially since they have already been redone by CBS D.

From 'Q Who' (the warp stars in this shot disappear before they reach the bottom of the frame)

From 'When the Bough Breaks'

That being said there are a few surprises in there too. The interior matte of the cube was brilliantly recreated (if a little blurry). The shot of the Borg adaptive shield was enhanced simply by making it green, a very nice touch.

Would like to see a few more surprises like this as I power through the season!
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