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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Frankly, given the horrific consequences of Wayne Enterprises's technology falling into Bane's hands, I think the United States of the Nolanverse is probably facing some pretty major questions about how much power it's allowed giant corporations to have and how little oversight they seem subject to. And I imagine that Wayne Enterprises and Lucius Fox are facing some pretty major legal reprecussions.
But Wayne Enterprises did government/defence contract work which is where most of Batman's gear came from (The Tumbler was for combat zone bridge building, the much of the Batsuit was body armour for soliders till the bean counters decided that a soldier's life wasn't worth $300k and the Microwave Emitter from Begins was designed vaporise and enemy's water supply).

So it's not a case of the Wayne Enterprises having too much power.

As for the theft well I don't think anyone would have really expected that combined with Bane having inside help otherwise it wouldn't have happened.
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