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Re: Movie Caption Contest #227: Important Gatherings

Borg Drone: They have installed facial recognition. Resistance in this case is productive.

Klingon Soldier: You ever wonder what this bridge would look like if a Federation design crew got a hold of it? Probably be less cramped up here, for one thing...

Spock: Now, if you will all direct your attention to the new, state-of-the-art holoprojectors in the center of the table...

Cartwright: Uh, Captain Spock, the holoprojector, well, it won't be installed until Tuesday.

Spock: In that case, may I direct your attention to the less dramatic, but still functional, Powerpoint I have created.

Chekov: *whispers to Uhura*, Vell, in that case, I hope he has cool transitions betveen the slides. You know, the Russians inwented Poverpoint transitions...
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