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Okay, so, since you agree that the CBA was essentially fine, how is Fehr the issue when the union went to the league and said, "Let's fix the contract loopholes and otherwise keep the CBA the way it is?" I don't think you're fully grasping just how ideologically driven the lockout is on the owners' part. They're the ones who opened up with offering the players 47 percent of hockey-related revenue, down from 57 percent. They're the ones who have demanded (another) salary rollback. They're the ones demanding that you have to play for ten years before hitting unrestricted free agency. They're the ones demanding that entry-level contracts run for five years.

The owners were signing players to contracts all summer with full intention of not honoring them. It's reprehensible.

None of this is the players' fault.

Edit: I mean, this can't be repeated enough. If this were the players striking until the NHL gave them an increase, I'd be supporting the owners. This is the owners locking players out until the players cut their compensation and contractual rights across the board, despite the league making bucketloads of money. This is not a two-sided situation.

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