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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

For "The Child", there is the history of the plasma plague on Oby VI. The research associates were named after the show's writers and director on the production staff. Two infections, the Legato and Hutzel, were named after visual effects coordinators.

For "The Outrageous Okona", the names seen in the list of comedians are from people who worked on Star Trek. This has been changed.
* Names dropped from list:
** Burt Armus
** Farouk El-Baz
** Sharyl Fickas
** Maurice Hurley
** Heidi Julian
** Terri Martinez
** Robert Metoyer
** Ernie Over
** Diane Overdiek
** Gene Roddenberry
** Michael Schoenbrun

* Names added to list (or weren't listed at Memory Alpha as being on the list):
** Ken Ross
** David Grant
** Ryan Adams
** Phil Bishop
** Craig Weiss
** Douglas E. Graves
** Steve Weiner
** Doug Drexler
** Jim Hardy
** Jayme Wing
** Wendy Ruiz

Some of these new names are named after people who worked on the remastered editions or are employed by CBS. Ex. Jayme Wing (re) or Ryan Adams (CBS).

The ship list in "The Measure of a Man" isn't changed. This is understandable.

The names of the commander and lieutenant commander for the Yamato, seen in "Contagion", aren't changed.

For the episode "The Royale", there are two graphics. The first graphic shows the planet Theta VII with a mean surface temp of -291 degrees Celsius. Some of the atmospheric elements are in-jokes - Yurmiun, Icemium, and Tormium. This graphic hasn't been changed. The second graphic has the surface temperature as -274 degrees celsius. (It's either that, or minus 2470C.)

Now, for me, this is a sticking point. In "Time Squared", Geordi LaForge verbally announced that the alternate timeline El Baz was from the future. The last stardate was 42679.5. When footage of this shuttlepod is replayed in the observation lounge, it is apparent that the stardate and time index are lifted from "Contagion". This has not been changed.
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