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ENTER l ENT Avatar Contest l United

Previously in the MU Enterprise Avatar Contest:

For some bizarre reason I won Episode (Harbinger) with

A well-deserved Second place went to the divine Miss Lemon

Theme was far from a Hands-down (groan) win with a tie, between Hopeful Romantic

and Praetor_Shinzon!

In a closely-fought race there was a troilisitc second place win for Miss Lemon,



Hope you can all fit on the podium!

Foot fetishists rejoice! My ruby slippers came first in Random Feet theme

Second went to Hopeful Romantic's awesomely cute cat paws.

R.Star and jespah are still to resolve their court case

Now on to the new contest:

This weeks episode as chosen by me is the avtastic United.

The new ENT theme as chosen by HopefulRomantic is Shran.

In a spirit of tripartisan co-operation, the new Random theme as suggested by JiNX and jespah is Festive Alliance.
Anything seasonal/hannukah/Christmasy.
(I was going to ask NO snowmen, santas, reindeers or Xmas trees - wouldn't want to make it easy now, would we? - but JiNX was a bit )

Usual rules apply. No bigger than 150 x 150.

Now you all go do that digital voodoo y'all do so well…
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