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Re: Fringe 5x08 - "The Human Kind" (Discussion, Spoilers!)

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not very good,,,the show is hardly going out on a strong note say like ds9 did with its final chapter.

the Olivia plot was just filler esp the kidnapping stuff. Acquiring the parts to stop the observers is getting old and repetitive. Also I've been disappointed by the lack of insight into the observers and if the observers can see the future I don't see how the resistance could ever win.

the only decent moment was btw Peter and Olivia but I'm lukewarm to the cliche of Olivia reaching Peter with love and warm memories,,,I think it might be more dramatically interesting to leave the implant in.
I agree. I figured this season would be spent on the them finding a way to stop them, no matter how crazy that would be. And then we would learn more on exactly why we were invaded.

I was elsewhere chatting about how I think it's odd that they never bothered to explain why The Observers were invading and the replies were "YES THEY DID IN EPISODE 4-19!!!" They polluted their planet so much they went back in time, but why that one date? Why not go back further. I want more insight on that besides dragging their feet on finding 20 different tapes?
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