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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

This week's agenda - dealing with the raktajino shortage.

Kira and Odo react to this week's caption entries.

Worf: Captain, I drink prune juice, not raktajino.
Sisko: Surely you still have some connections in the Empire that can get us some?
Worf: (sighing) Yes sir. I'll go call them now.

Everyone was thrilled about dealing with the fallout of yet another new mishap involving the mirror universe.

Like all Terrans, Sisko loved to duel wield pistols and shout "Surprise motherfuckers!" while on Rebellion missions.
A business man and engineer discuss how to launch a communications satellite in the 1960s:
Biz Dev Guy: Your communications satellite has to be the size, shape, and weight of a hydrogen bomb.
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