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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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It has been said that there will be a time gap between the movies.
Not as long as the real life gap but enough that the crew has already had some adventures together.
Who is speaking in this scene is Kirk. I think it is in the end of film. Maybe a memorial Pike death.
That thought occured to me, too. If it's a memorial for Vulcan, then you'd almost have to expect prominent surviving Vulcans, Spock, Sarek and even Spock Prime seen sitting near the podium. Not just Starfleet brass. That's also why I doubt it's a memorial for Spock. No Spock Prime, Sarek, or other Vulcans around.

I don't think a memorial for Mitchell would garner such a turnout.
Fair enough. But how would OldSpock explain who he was?
Still hoping it's not Pike's funeral. I thought that actor added a lot to the last film.

I would prefer if BC is a new character instead of rehasing an old tv episode. Nero was new and that movie still did very well.
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