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Well, gee, what do you know?! Worf was right!

There's plenty of times in the series where Worf makes a suggestion that's a bit on the offense or overly cautious only to have quickly dismissed by either Picard or Riker. And then... He turns out to be right!

How many examples of this can you think of?

One comes in "Samaritan Snare" where Worf shows some hesitation in allowing Geordi to go the Pakled ship to affect repairs. He simply suggests to give the Pakleds what they need and leave them to their own devices. Riker dismisses this and thinks it's okay to sen Geordi.

Well, lo and behold Worf's caution shows itself to have been prudent as the Pakleds do have ill intentions and try and to kidnap Geordi who is almost killed in the encounter.

Should've listened to Worf, Number One.
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