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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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....No matter what no set of circumstances is going to:

1. Effectively turn your body into rubber giving you the ability to stretch and contort your body into any form.

2. Give you the ability to spontaneously combust into a being of fire capable of extreme temperature levels.

3. Give you the ability to render themselves invisible.

4. Give you the ability to create/project forcefields.

5. Give you the ability to alter mass and biology and become a walking creature of rock.
Yes, it takes a effort to suspend disbelief. But suppose you are a viewer game to make the effort. Then, you accept that cosmic rays in low Earth orbit did do these incredible things. After all you saw them on screen. Easier to suspend with good FX, but a willing imagination can help the shoddiest CGI, no? But at the same moment you are to also to remember and accept that cosmic rays did not do any thing like this to any of the other many people who've gone into orbit! You are asked to believe cosmic rays did and did not do such things.

Asking willing suspension of disbelief is one thing. Demanding willing suspension of critical faculties when faced with a self-contradiction is quite another. I think the latter is bad writing.
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