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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Watched Loud as a Whisper, and it's a much quieter and more interesting episode than I remembered. Other than the attack on Riva's interpreters (which truly does look horrific now in HD), there isn't any action at all, but I still found it strangely compelling to watch.

Although it does still seem like a HUGE stretch that these warring aliens would ever be patient enough to sit around learning sign language to understand him. Somehow I can't imagine something like that working in the Middle East. Lol
Loud as a Whisper is a very good episode with a good message in it. It's one I very much enjoy. Even though one thing I find odd this is one of the episodes where Troi is pretty much used as the ship's concubine-on-call to entertain a visiting guest at his own whims.

Another oddity, I guess I can understand the absence of a sign-language in the 24c, even to the point of it apparently not even being part of the universal translator. (Which, really, should have "read" Riva's signs and then presented them in an audible sound in one fashion or another. Riva apparently could read lips and didn't need things signed TO him. Though who knows how that works when you've never heard any kind of sound whatsoever.) Medical technology has apparently advanced enough to correct all forms of deafness with prosthetics or other means.

But how is any kind of "gestural language" never heard of? Worf, the ship's security chief, remarks how such a thing could be useful in combat. !?!

So, Worf, you mean backwards 21st cenutry SWAT teams have better communication in combat than you do?
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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