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DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

Hello everyone! I've been pretty lame recently about starting on time, or within a reasonable amount of time and I apologize. Life is crazy for LeadHead these days. Lets get going!

First up to the plate, we have the "The Return of Jadzia" Award, going to:

Santa Kang wrote: View Post

EZRI: Jadzia???!!!! I suppose you'll want the symbiont back?
Next, we have the "Predictable Doom" Award, going to:

Hanukkah Jitty wrote: View Post

Nog: "Great. Here comes crazy Garak. I bet this is the part where he kills us."

Garak: "Hello! This is the part where I kill you!"
Next, we have "The Science of Destruction" Award, going to:

Ln X wrote: View Post

Sisko: How many times is it now?
Kira: Seven I think, this is the seventh time she's blown up the science lab.
Sisko: As I keep warning you, Dax's can be impulsive.
Next, we have the "Dark Warnings from the Future" Award, going to:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Vulcan wrote: View Post

Bashir 1: "I'm you from the future. I'm here to stop you sleeping with Leeta. You'll give her an STD, which she'll pass on to Rom when she leaves you, which will mutate and infect the entire Ferengi Alliance. They'll all suffer shocking lobe reduction, which will spur them to a devastating war with the Federation, who they'll blame."
Bashir 2: "Leeta leaves me... For Rom!"
Bashir 1: "Missing the point here."
Next, we have the "Can we get an Emergency Beam out over here?" Award, going to:

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post

"And I thought the sign "Bates Motel" was an homage...."

The Photoshop Award, goes to:

Merry Christmas wrote: View Post

: "Where is that damn cat?"

Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

Kira: Lasertag? On a space station? During wartime?
Sisko: Just the stress release we all need. <Shoots lasers into her eye>

Many thanks to everyone for participating! Congratulations to our winners!

I'm really sorry for the delays in starting contests over the last couple of months, things have been crazy in the world of LeadHead. I'll do my best to keep things moving better in thee future, but I can't promise it, December has already been crazy busy and doesn't look to cool down any time this year.

Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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