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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I am finding it interesting that, once again, Michael Okuda is arbitrarily changing his original work. I understand him adding regulations for the extended cut of "The Measure of a Man". Today, while browsing Memory Alpha, I discovered that there were changes to the "Up the Long Ladder" ship list Okudagram.

I have been accused by some as attempting to explain what wasn't meant to make sense or matter by the production staff. Yet, in two seasons of remastered TNG, we have had Okuda changed graphics that most viewers wouldn't bother to analyze or notice.

In the "Up the Long Ladder" ship list, these are the known changes:
* The captain of the SS Tomobiki was changed from Peter Lauritson to Dave Glick.
* The mission of the SS Seattle was changed from ADR Looping to Diplomatic Mission to SR-47.
* The location for the diplomatic mission for the HMS New Zealand was changed from Alderaan to Aldebaran.
* The captain of the SS Urusei Yatsura was changed from Dave Glick (see above) to Steve Tucker.
* The captain of the VK Velikan was changed from Gene Roddenberry to Mike Volland. Likewise, the mission for this ship changed from Explore Strange New Worlds to Stellar Chart Mapping.

This is a lot of work to do on a chart that only appears for a few seconds. Apparently, there are individuals involved on the production side who do believe that these graphics should make sense or do matter.

Why does Okuda only re-do some of his graphics, and not some others? I asked the question on the last season, and I ask again.
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