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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

I love the Reacher novels. I don't care for the Cruise casting, though. It doesn't work for me and I won't be going to see the film. That doesn't bother me though, Jack will still be in the novels - larger than life and twice as ugly. I know Lee Child is the author and ultimately he has insights into the character that the rest of us don't but I find his comments about Cruise's casting to be disingenuous. Reacher's size is almost another character in the novels, it's that central to his characterisation. I don't mind that they cast Cruise, I wish Lee Child well that he's hit another paydirt and Reacher will be brought to the attention of another load of folks, but I can't believe what he says when he tries to mitigate Tom Cruise's stature. The moment Crusie looks up at the bad guys in the trailer for the film the whole thing falls apart for me.

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