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Movie Caption Contest #227: Important Gatherings

Hello everyone, sorry about the major delay here. Life keeps me busy lately, lets get the new contest going!

First up to the plate, we have the "Dangerous Assignment" Award, going to:

Hanukkah Jitty wrote: View Post

Picard: "The landing party will consist of myself, Worf, and Ensign Ricky."

Ricky: "Screw this, I'm outta here."

Next, we have the "Bright Ideas" Award, going to:

Star Grinch wrote: View Post

Kahn: The last time I listened to one of your ideas, we flew into deep space in a 90's era rocket ship. Look how well THAT turned out.
Next, we have "The New Number One?" Award, going to:

inflatabledalek wrote: View Post

Frakes: Wait, you've moved up to third place in the billing and you've got a uniform that fits? I hate my agent.

Spiner: Not the best time to mention my salary then?
Our Photoshop Award, goes to:

Tres_Kings wrote: View Post

Bring my music collection. I have found the perfect place to display my Engelbert Humperdinck cassettes.

Play "Spanish Eyes Killing Me Softly, Joachim."

But -

Do not task me on this.

The Multi-Image Award, goes to:

Maurice wrote: View Post

PICARD: Nice shot, Ensign eyes-not-like-a-Hawk's.
HAWK: I swear, I forgot my contacts!

RIKER: Hawk what?!
DATA: The port nacelle. Shot it clean off.

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Joachim: "Sir, your personal trainer is here--"
Khan: "He tasks me!"
Many thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners!

Also, Thanks for the patience, things have just been crazy for good ole LeadHead recently.

Now, lets go again!

Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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