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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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They don't want to stick too close to the origins, because we know three things.

First, cosmic rays in orbit don't give people superpowers, or there would be small towns of superpeople in the US and Russia. ....
Exposure to different kinds of sunlight has no bearing on a person's physical ability planet-side.

Exposure to Gamma-rays quickly causes death.

It's very, very, hard to get away with roguish behavior especially when to "keep it secret" you buy unusual gadgetry in bulk while also owning a company with a branch specializing in obscure gadgetry.

Open-chest surgery in an Afghani cave is not conducive to a long life.

Shrapnel in the heart is not conducive to a long life.

Long-distance, super-sonic, powered flight and military-grade weaponry takes up a lot more space than a man-sized suit.

Power sources are limited by the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Norse Gods do not exist.

Amazonian Goddesses do not exist.

Performance enhancing drugs rarely have positive effects and even more rarely have long-lasting positive effects after one dose.

It is impossible for a body to freeze to cryogenic state in the North Pole. Even more impossible for such a body to be recovered 70 years later perfectly intact and viable for life.

Macroevolution and biology doesn't happen in a way to give people incredible powers inside of a few generations. Even if it did these powers would not give one the ability to control the weather, project "mountain destroying" beams from their eyes, create magnetism, healing abilities that can correct any injury effectively making one immortal.

Covering one's skeleton in a metal is not possible for incredible reasons not limited to the muscles having nothing to adhere too and bone marrow not having a way to get to the blood stream.

Being bitten by a spider is likely to cause in the best circumstances an annoying rash or sore, in the worst death. Nowhere will it cause the spider's abilities to manifest in you.

Spider webbing comes out of their butts, not their wrists.

No matter what no set of circumstances is going to:

1. Effectively turn your body into rubber giving you the ability to stretch and contort your body into any form.

2. Give you the ability to spontaneously combust into a being of fire capable of extreme temperature levels.

3. Give you the ability to render themselves invisible.

4. Give you the ability to create/project forcefields.

5. Give you the ability to alter mass and biology and become a walking creature of rock.
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