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By 2378 the U.S.S. Juno had been in service for twenty-five years and still going strong. With three deep space tours under her belt, totalling almost fourteen years, she found herself being thrust into the midst of the Dominion War. It was during this massive conflict that she earned the reputation as one of the most proficient scouts in the fleet, spending days or weeks alone on the fringes of hostile territory monitoring fleet deployments and troop build ups. The intelligence gathered by the Juno was invaluable in planning numerous counter attacks and battles, the most significant being the invasion of Chin’toka.

After the war ended, the Juno was assigned to the former Cardassian Union, where is assisted in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, as well as charting and studying the region for Starfleet’s own records. But then in 2378, the ship was once again selected to venture out into the unknown and blaze a trail for others to follow as Starfleet tried to put the war behind it.

By 2378, the Senior Staff were:

Commanding Officer – Captain Xal Ra-Vahlei (Efrosian)
He left the Juno for several years in order to further his career, including gaining the captaincy he always wanted. However, when he learned that his old ship was in need of a new CO he petitioned Starfleet Headquarters for the assignment. On the recommendation of Vice Admiral Linna Rhyth, his request was granted and he assumed command of the Juno.

First Officer – Commander Ingrid Matthias (Human)
Still a woman who doesn’t discuss her past, over the years she has learned how to lower her guard and let others in, which has resulted in her forming a few very close relationships. She has remained with the Juno for some time, working her way up to Beta Watch Officer, but even she was surprised then Captain Ra-Vahlei asked her to be his new First Officer.

Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer – Commander Nadaya (Deltan)
Her career has seen her go from the Juno, to the Diplomatic Corps, to Starfleet Medical treating those mentally scarred by the war, but she was talked into returning to her first assignment by Captain Ra-Vahlei for their latest deep space excursion. Though fulfilled by her work, part of her always yearns to be out among the stars.

Chief Science Officer – Lt. Commander Diego Cortez (Human)
Gone is the inexperienced and untested rookie, he has since become one of the most skilled officers onboard. As with Commander Matthias, he has remained onboard, climbing the promotions ladder, and putting his knowledge to good use, both on exploratory missions, as well as covert reconnaissance of Dominion fleets.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer – Lt. Commander Zhang Jiao-long (Human)
A veteran of combat, he has seen much and lost many friends and shipmates over the years. But his greatest loss was when the Dominion invaded Betazed, where his wife and children were killed. The grief has intense and he has still to fully deal with it, which has led him to become bitter and resentful.

Chief Engineering Officer – Lieutenant Kaahdtrakt (Ktarian)
Like many young officers in the Fleet, he was promoted rapidly during the war to fill openings, so he is used to making repairs on the fly with little at hand, and more than a little cocky at what he can do; all things that time and experience will deal with. As a full-blooded Ktarian, he is actually far younger than he appears, due to their rapid development during childhood.

Chief Medical Officer – Lieutenant Oran Rodal (Bajoran)
An orphan of the Occupation, he joined the Resistance when he was barely a teenager. But rather than killing Cardassians, he discovered he had a talent for seeing to the injured and sick. When the Occupation ended, he put himself through medical school and then into the Militia. When Bajor became a Federation member in 2376, he transferred his commission.

Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant JG Mav’a (Benzite)
Hard-working, organised, meticulous and efficient are all excellent descriptions for her. She takes her duty very seriously and wants to succeed in her career; this however doesn’t stop her from being open and friendly, especially with Ensign Vallek. Though highly recommended, she fought tooth and nail to get posted to the Juno.

Chief Flight Control Officer – Ensign Ael Vallek (Romulan)
With a past shrouded in mystery, no one is quite sure where she comes from or just how she got accepted into Starfleet, which has led to many rumours. She hides behind a veneer of anger and sarcasm, so to keep herself separate of the suspicion and distrust she has faced in the past, and is suspicious of those who try to reach out to her.

* * * *

Former Personnel:

Commanding Officer – Captain Saul Keller (Human)
After leading a successful deep range tour of his own, he was offered command of the Akira-Class U.S.S. Kusanagi, which he accepted.

First Officer – Commander Brek chim Jorr (Tellarite)
He assumed command of the Juno for a deep space tour and throughout the war. He was then recommended for command of Waystation, Starfleet’s base of operations in the former Cardassian Union.

Chief Engineering Officer – Commander Gemma Alden (Human)
She finally gave in to the offers of reassignment and transferred to the U.S.S. Brunel, a ship attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

Chief Medical Officer – Commander Kovaal (Vulcan)
He accepted a posting to the hospital ship U.S.S. Seacole as Chief Medical Officer. He and his mate are still together, even after being assigned to different ships.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer – Lieutenant Fozak (Denobulan)
He was killed in action during the Dominion War.
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