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Commissioned in 2353, the Cheyenne-Class U.S.S. Juno became best known for a series of trailblazing missions into the unknown, the first being in 2358, and would serve in Starfleet for many years. Here is the senior staff on the tenth anniversary of her first deep space mission.

Commanding Officer - Captain Saul Keller (Human)
After redeeming himself in the eyes of Starfleet Command following the 2358 mission, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Juno after the mission was completed.

First Officer - Commander Brek chim Jorr (Tellarite)
Despite a rocky start between himself and then-Commander Keller, the two discovered they worked well together, so it came as no surprise that Keller asked Jorr to be his new XO.

Chief Engineering Officer - Commander Gemma Alden (Human)
An engineer to her core, she passed up a promotion to First Officer on another ship to remain in the Juno's Engine Room.

Chief Medical Officer - Commander Kovaal MD (Vulcan)
During their six year mission, he not only discovered countless new lifeforms but also a suitable mate. He decided to remain onboard for the next tour, for both professional and personal reasons.

Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Xal Ra-Vahlei (Efrosian)
He switched from Conn to Ops after proving to be just as adept in the field as he was piloting. Though he still has his sights set on Command, he enjoyed the adventure of the last tour and wants to see if they can better it.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Fozak (Denobulan)
In 2368 he was assigned to the Juno, following the death of his predecessor. Though new to the ship, he has quickly proven to be more than capable and not someone to be underestimated.

Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer - Lieutenant Nadaya (Deltan)
A Trainee Counsellor during the first deep space mission, she became fully qualified and remained with the ship. Calm and alluring, when she starts talking others tend to fall silent and listen, something that has proven handy during negotiations.

Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG Ingrid Matthias (Human)
One of the lucky few who managed to escape Turkana IV over the years, her early life has left her closed off and distant. Her past is a closed subject, as she managed to get out in search of a better life.

Chief Science Officer - Ensign Diego Cortez (Human)
Highly intelligent but inexperienced, he was handpicked by Captain Keller to serve as Chief Science Officer. He joined Starfleet after reading about the missions of the Juno's first trailblazing mission.

* * * *

Former Personnel:

Commanding Officer - Captain Linna Rhyth (Trill)
After the success of the 2358 mission, she was reassigned to the Nebula-Class U.S.S. Serenity and headed up the expeditionary task force to fully chart and study the region.

Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer - Lt. Commander Aewyhn (Enayan)
He was promoted to Commander and transferred to the Serenity with Captain Rhyth as Ship's Counsellor, where he and family could stay together.

Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant Erin Matheson (Human)
After giving birth to her first child on the mission (during which she was promoted), she accepted an assignment to the Serenity so she and Aewyhn could raise their family.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Oleyn Daro (Bolian)
Following the 2358 mission (during which she was promoted), she had intended to remain onboard, but Captain Rhyth offered her a promotion to XO and she couldn't refuse.
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