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I forgot the Crew Blurbs for the Juno, so here they are:

Inspired by HD-TNG, I decided to develop a new ship and crew based in the era just prior to the launch of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

The U.S.S. Juno NCC-71030 is a Cheyenne-Class ship, assigned on a deep range scouting mission (often referred to as a trail blazer). Going out into the wilderness, where only probes have been sent before, it is their mission to chart and survey the region, make contact with the native species and lay down the ground work for other explorer-type ships to follow up on in the future.

Commanding Officer — Captain Linna Rhyth (Trill)
An Unjoined Trill, former classmate of Saul Keller and over-achiever. She has pushed herself hard to get to where she is, by hard work, taking risks and sheer determination—all of which will stand her in good stead on her new assignment.

First Officer — Commander Saul Keller (Human)
Long-time friend of Linna Rhyth, his promising career stalled eight years ago and never fully recovered. It is only due to Rhyth that he got promoted to his new position. At first he didn’t want her to risk her career for him, but now he is determined not to let her down.

Chief Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer — Lt. Commander Aewyhn (Enayan)
One of the growing number of Enaya in Starfleet, he has focused on helping and understanding others. As good a listener as he is a negotiator, he is ideally suited for the trail blazing mission, especially with his mate, Erin Matheson, by his side.

Chief Medical Officer — Lt. Commander Kovaal (Vulcan)
A clam, methodical and logical physician, he is also a very private man—more so than most other Vulcans. Few know anything about his past, family or life before he joined the ship, but no one can fault his skills and knowledge.

Chief Science Officer — Lieutenant Erin Matheson (Human)
Her dedicated to Starfleet and passion for her work is matched only by her love for her husband, Aewyhn. Their careers have had them off in different directions, so they quickly accepted the chance to work together.

Chief Operations Officer — Lieutenant Brek chim Jorr (Tellarite)
A shrewd Tellarite, he is very smart and likes to make sure everyone knows that fact. After gaining several degrees he worked at the Daystrom Institute before deciding to enter Starfleet. He was one of the original crew who opted to remain aboard.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer — Lieutenant Oleyn Daro (Bolian)
Graceful and elegant, her small stature and slim build belies the strength and resolve within. As seriously as she takes her role and responsibilities, she also knows how to unwind and is very sociable with her shipmates and subordinates.

Chief Engineering Officer — Lieutenant Gemma Alden (Human)
From a long line of Starfleet officers, she carried on the tradition. Originally in the Sciences she switched to Engineering for the more hands-on work. She was also among the few officers who remained aboard during the switchover.

Chief Flight Control Officer — Lieutenant JG Xal Ra-Vahlei (Efrosian)
An eager young officer, he wanted to be in Starfleet more than anything, even if it meant defying his family. After leaving for Earth he was cast out and now sees Starfleet as his home, despite his sad past he is a friendly and open individual.
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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