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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

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A prequel show like Enterprise got around that by featuring a totally new (and up to then) unheard of Enterprise and crew.
It also got around it with the introduction of the Temporal Cold War leaving things a bit up in the air. Did Earth have contact with the Klingons sooner than originally? Was the Enterprise meant to be destroyed before being saved by Silik in Season 1. We also had the unexpected introduction of the Xindi attacking Earth something which didn't originally happen.

For example I didn't know if Picard was going to survive "Best of Both Worlds".
Nobody did. Patrick Stewart himself wasn't even sure and there was doubt that he would actually return to the series after season 3.

The Star Wars prequels both introduced new characters with old ones, but one of the main draws of those films was seeing how it all came together and set up the original trilogy.
Star Wars had a story to tell. How did Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader.

We already know who Adama is and what makes the man tick. We've explored him and his background thoroughly in nBSG.

With the Cylon War I think you could have something similar to the Star Wars prequel films in that regard, but with the TV show known for some unpredictability and twists, I say why not have the best of both worlds and go the Enterprise route?
Time travel?
Regarding Saul's feelings about the limited places B&C could go...I think there was a lot of stuff they could do to cover the war and how it affected the colonies.
I agree, but they didn't do that. They told a pretty average story with not so many twists. It didn't leave me wanting more. By the end of the nBSG series I wasn't really sold on it until the end which had a few twists and revealed a Character being a Cylon and made me wonder who else could be a Cylon. *cough* Roslin *cough*. It got me back to check out the opening of Season 1.

Blood and Chrome has a lot of cool stuff but I think I need a little bit more story and characterization. Some holy sh*t! moments.
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