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Re: Princess Kate (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is Pregnant!

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Not in the slightest. But what information the broadcasters got from the hospital was in the public domain, they didn't get anything else that wasn't in a press release. If they had in fact got information that St. James Palace hadn't released then I would have completely different opinion on what occurred.
that was just a happy coincidence. They could have gotten information that hadn't been released just as easily
But they didn't did they. They got what St James Palace released in a press release for the entire world to digest and it seem comment on.

You and others it seems are going by what ifs and could have beens.

Yes it's unfortunate that this nurse decided to end her life, maybe the fact she did it a day after she answered the phone at five-thirty in the morning is just as happy a coincidence, yes it may have been the straw that broke the camels back, but I find it hard to believe that this sole event caused her to allegedly kill herself.

My original point and I'll stand by this. The radio broadcasters do not deserve to be fired, nor sued as was suggested. Yes it was a questionable act, but it seems the ethics board/lawyer at 2Dayfm signed off on the phone call, it didn't breach any laws, here nor in Australia. All in all, in my opinion, no one did anything wrong here. If it was any other "celeb" say Victoria Beckham, I'm sure there would be some grumblings about press invasion from certain aspects of the news media, but not to the extent that's happened here and the majority of opinion would be, meh.

These types of phone calls have happened, I'm sure Tony Blair or Gordon Brown were at the receiving end of one years ago and there certainly wasn't the righteousness over it that has occurred here.
but we've already established that they did break the law. But even if they hadn't, they brought a lot of condemnation and bad press on thier employers, people have been fired for a lot less
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