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Re: NHL Offseason

You are clearly on the side of the players. I`m not on either side. I have no sympathy for billionaires and millionaires bickering over a larger piece of the pie. I don`t like Bettman or Fehr but Fehr is the worse of the two in my opinion. You see the owners treating the players as cattle, I see the players as what they are: spoiled little rich kids. They work for the owners. It`s that simple. They receive far better benefits, perks and salaries than those that pay their salaries (the fans) and have no regard for the jobs they've taken from European players or the loss of income to those who work in the arenas or the businesses nearby.

The only players I have any sympathy or respect for are the 3rd and 4th liners that make league minimum and are lucky to have a career lasting more than a few seasons or the players that chose to stay in NA and do charity.

You have your opinion, I have mine. But if you think my opinion read likes "crab mentality", I think yours reads like a prima donna 1% apologist.

The tactful thing is to simply agree to disagree. Differing opinions on this matter certainly aren't worth lengthy posts and quotes and silly little crab mentality comments.
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