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Re: How many reset buttons?

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that's absurd. VOY had far more continuing storylines(B'elanna-Tom, Neelix' jealousy about Kes, Holodoc's growing self-awareness, Seska and the Kazon, Seven of Nine's emerging humanity, the Borg children, etc.) than TOS or TNG ever had. VOY relied LESS on the rest button than those shows, but it still did it pretty often. Again, it just gets more attention for it because it was a nineties sci-fi show, where serialized storylines(B5, X-Files, etc.) were more the norm.
I can't help but notice how you avoid DS9 completely in your rebuttal. Seven's "growing humanity" is effectively what the show became about in the later seasons. The rest of the crew (other than Janeway) were little better than window dressing. But, none of those are reset buttons.

The ship was always magically repaired by the beginning of the next episode no matter how dramatic the damage or the fact that they were thousands of lightyears from the nearest resupply or repair base. I'll grant you TOS, but then its not really fair either way to compare a show filmed in the 90 to one filmed in the 60s.

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Because they could.
TNG nor DS9 could use the reset because it would have effected events in both shows. Voyager can use the reset as much as it wants because the events in which are reset doesn't effect any other timeline but their own.
You and sonak must be arguing about two separate types of reset buttons because sonak just got done say that VOY relied much less than TOS and TNG and those arguments can't both be true. Otherwise we should be clear about what we're arguing about.

I've seen every episode of TNG and I competely missed her being 'sold into human trafficking'. Yes, she flirts with the head of the "Masterpiece Society" the episode after getting mind raped in "Violations", but I'd hardly call how she deals with it as a psychological professional a reset button. Getting abducted and stripped naked along with with her mother briefly in front of a few Ferengi is hardly going to have her holding herself and crying in the sonic shower in "Transfiguations". One time she was abducted by Romulans and lived aboard a Warbird for several days ("The Face of the Enemy") and afterward she was treated as an expert on Romulan behavior with advanced knowledge of the layout of Romulan ships ("Timescape").

How often would you bring up a dead parent in a conversation having nothing to do with it? Would the following episode ("The Gambit p1") have been improved upon by having a scene of Geordi moping around his quarters or crying on Data's shoulder before being called on-duty because of the possible death of his captain?

Actually, Worf mentions his how his brother didn't care for the stringent rules of Starfleet and dropped out after one year in "Heart of Glory". He went on to mention him a few times in DS9. ("Change of Heart")

Good point, I agree with you on this one.

Jadzia Dax used the transporter all the time, to spite us being told in TNG that Trills can't use Transporters.
The only thing Dax had in common with the only known Trill (Odan) to have that issue was the name of the species. Other than that they bore no resemblance to one another. Who is to say that he wasn't a member of a sub-species with a transporter issue.

None of the shows were good with continuity.
Some fans just pick and choose what they notice and what they don't or jump on the bash Voyager wagon cause it's cool.
Not to mention a bit more obvious.

My main issue is the lack of continuity where previously set Starfleet technology is. Voyager takes crippling amounts of damage at least once a season on average but rarely requires a repair base of any kind.

There's the photon torpedo count which I won't go into detail about here in lieu of all the threads devoted to it.

I think those are larger issues than how much more quickly trained professionals bounce back from traumatic experiences in the 24th century versus people who watch a TV show in the 21st.

I wasn't comparing Voyager to DS9 in terms of continuity because that would be silly. Of course DS9 had much better continuity, it made use of serialized storylines, and long-term series arcs. That was partly a result of DS9 being able to "fly under the radar" as the non-network and more "neglected" of the Trek TV series. And also the setting itself, a space station, really helped, because it allowed for bringing in recurring characters much more frequently.

That's why I compared Voyager to TNG and TOS, because those three shows are much more similar. And yes, if you look at the shows, Voyager had many more continuing storylines and multiple-episode arcs than TOS or TNG ever did. But yes, it still relied on the reset button a lot, which just happened to be more of a concern due to the era when Voyager was airing, and that the premise made a rest button more frustrating.
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