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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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My new one (thanks to the wife's coworker blabbing a lot of personal and embarrassing medical info that's in no way related to her job info to the DM): "Do you mind that I told him?" How about you ask first you stupid ****.
You wife's coworker shared private information about your wife? The question/"saying" seems pretty straightforward here. You'd just say "Yes, I do mind," and then explain so it doesn't happen again.
And then you hope that explaining actually works.

I had a close friend whom I specifically told not to tell anyone some very personal/traumatic stuff that I had shared with her, and she agreed not to, but then went and blurted out all the details to a couple people. When I confronted her, she gave me three different, contradictory excuses why she'd told them, and never apologized.

Sounds like high school or something, doesn't it? We were both over 60 and had been friends for ten years.
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