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Re: TNG Caption This! 294: Say hello to Season 2!

Picard: "This is our biggest and most urgent crisis ever. I need you to focus, make an instantaneous analysis, and propose a strategy worthy of Fleet Captain Garth. Will?"

Riker: "I think we should immediately blast that ship to Kingdom Come."

Picard: "Counselor?"

Troi: "I sense Commander Riker is not focusing sufficiently. He needs to rethink things."

Picard: "Will?"

Riker: "Actually, we should immediately beam their commanding officer to our bridge and sign a treaty."

<At dinner that night>

Picard: "You two truly outdid yourselves with that treaty. Will, I totally follow your logic, but Deanna, how did you know Will needed to increase his focus?"

Troi (to self): "Do I dare tell Jean-Luc that Will had his hand all over my bum?"
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