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Re: ST TNG Season 2 Blu-ray availability

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None of the Best Buys in my area had it in stock on Tuesday. Also could not find it at two Walmarts and a Target.

It showed up as available at the Best Buy stores today (Thursday.)

But of course I went and ordered it on Best Buy's website on Tuesday. It shipped today; original arrival date was given as Dec. 13-18.

Didn't use Amazon because it was marked then as not even shipping for 9-12 days.

The availability of this set just sucks. I wonder why.
An update... I checked online with Best Buy and it indicated that the Best Buy nearest my house on the way home had it in stock. I stopped there tonight and they had several so I bought it. Price was same as Amazon's. I canceled the order I had at Amazon. I also noticed that they had the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy on Blu-ray for cheaper than Amazon ($55). Maybe Best Buy is getting a clue on how to beat Amazon.
I wouldn't count on that. The BB & WalMarts near me had no Doctor Who S7.1 blu-rays sets.

WalMart had the DVD's & BB was out of what I can only assume was the one or two sets they got in.

I haven't even bothered to look there for TNG S2 blu-rays. I always end up leaving the store pissed off that they can't be bothered to stock this kind of thing.

And I never buy something else when that happens. I almost always did when they had what I initially went in there for.

No, I think BB is destined for the scrap heap of retail has-beens.
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